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What is it that you know now and think you will never forget? How do you remember?
The vision of the eye looking at itself
the thought about thought
remembering the memory
if we hadn’t asked the question on the first day we wouldn’t have been able to look back on it. I want to make something I’m happy to remember–something that feeds me in the future. This should be as complicated as it can be. Sometimes the response to a song request is shouting. And the names multiply and double back on themselves.
Friday, March 13th, 2009, 10am
We were scheduled to meet half an hour later than usual (I want everyone to know I did not confuse Tom and Matthew, only the name Matthew). Some people got to the studio early and were already at full speed by 10am. No one was late.

We discussed who would take positions along the path to the tree (Matthew, Henrik, Arian, and Chloe) and we set positions near the top of the path for the 6 who would be in place either before or after the tree piece. Three (Ben, Kalila, and Tom) would be in place as the audience went down the path and then three (Gash, Billie, and Alfie) would take their places for when the audience came back up. This facilitated travel to the preceding and following pieces performed by those people.

We then determined who would sing in the tennis court (Alfie, Gash, and Tom [soaking wet and shouting]), singers by the pool (Henrik, Billie, Katharina, Ben, Kalila, Gionna) and singers by the doorway (Jojo, Adrian, and Harriet) and from the roof (Billie and Ben), with Tom making a second appearance as soon as he gets changed into dry clothes.

photo by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

The last thing to discuss before a walk through was the hanging of the handkerchiefs in the tree by the audience at the end of the second field piece. Ben wanted some of them to be hung high on the branches so that the visual was not bottom heavy. Chloe did not think there should be so much emphasis on the handkerchiefs and that it was more elegant with just a few hanging in the tree. Discussion didn’t quite reach agreement but it was decided Karen would attempt to hang a few up high by the use of a stick. Ben agreed to supply a stick. (We discussed this in several stages, as we could not come to an obvious resolution.)

[see deleted text on con’t page under the heading “Friday con’t”]

As we walked it through, we walked it through remembering that space triggers as well as seats memory (memory palace). We also tried the spacing of the few new parts finding, in particular, that having one person stand closer to the audience while the others stand a distance behind gave the last moment full heartbreak potential.

At noon we took lunch, agreeing to meet back at the studio at 1:30pm to sing together and then get ready to perform at 2pm.

At 1:30pm we sang “Ain’t no Sunshine” as modified by Harriet. A large group assembled in front of Aller Park to see our presentation. Some of our eyes widened at the sight of the gathering crowd. Class participants came out and formed a large semi-circle facing the audience. I gave a brief introduction and we began the performance.

It was excellent.

The audience didn’t want to move when Matthew started singing nor did they want to walk by the performers on the path or in the abandoned school areas where people where singing. It was hard to get the audience to leave locations where performance was still in progress. The audience did not stand on the side of the pool we expected them to. The field pieces took a long time to start. Everyone’s heart was broken as Billie sang in the studio while birds were drawn with mud on the wall. The water circle started too soon while most of the audience was still down the path. When Karen shouted to Kalila in the field that we couldn’t hear her text she repeated Katharina’s text. Karen forgot to hang the hankie’s on high branches. (My heart was breaking.)

You were all magnificent and these unexpected flaws mattered not at all. None-the-less they remind us of the event as it was and they instruct us as to what holds together and what falls apart and we can learn from this observation.

After the end of the presentation, we met briefly in the studio. We had 15 minutes. I asked everyone to remember what question they had written down on the first day. In a beautiful progression from banal to profound these questions were remembered and said aloud. I suggested it was useful to look back to that day and to have something specific to look back to and that in order for this to happen we had to plant that seed on the first day. And I wanted people to feel how they had changed since that day. And I hoped remembering those questions would remind you how you felt on that first day of our workshop now that we were at the end.

I hope to see you next year so we can make something again. Something new.

Contributions coming soon from Gash & Tom

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photo by Ben Thompson

photo by Ben Thompson

One of the first exercises that we did today was to walk through our path in the garden in our heads. After doing this we wrote down the sorts of things that we experienced and what we noticed.

After this we split up into our pairs and created a short response to yesterdays research task. Henrik and I created a piece exploring the movement of water through the gardens. Other members of the group explored things such as letters from the archives and the history of trees in the gardens.

Next we were split up into groups of 3/4 and given the task of making a piece of work using the ‘system’ task, our research material and our three named places. The group that I was in started working by showing each other our systems. This progressed into a dialogue about old to new and the way in which things on the estate seem to always refresh and renew themselves such as the way that the great hall went from a grand building to a ruin and then back to a grand building again. We also spent some time arguing over which Chekov came to Dartington! We then used this dialogue to feed our performance and began creating.

After we had worked for an hour we spent some time individually working on our performances of our farewell songs, then we went to lunch.

After lunch we performed our farewell songs around the old school building and experimented with the spaces in which the songs were placed and what happens when the songs are sung over each other.

Next we viewed the work that we had created earlier. One group showed a piece where cups of water were fenced off from a person who kept stealing them and pouring them over another person who was walking around the site. Another piece was a sort of sensory soundscape where the audience experienced different sounds and sensations created by the performers. Our piece explored ideas of renewal and finished with us creating a metaphorical link between Dartington and Falmouth, and the final group used mud to create traces of people and then images on the wall within a studio space.

Contributions coming soon from Alfred (Alfie), & Adrian

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Work on the field:

Two different pieces. Add some element of colour… perhaps it is already there, or maybe it is a focal point. Introduce something to the field which shouldn’t necessarily be there.

Kalila, Matthew, Kat, Gionna, Billie and Henrik-

Kalila has a bright multi-coloured umbrella, it is always in view. Tempting your eye. Stealing your focus. Adoring your attention. It is the distance, the foreground…it disappears over a hill.

Matthew and Gionna step like giants, with human bodies. Slowly. Slowly. From either side, a slow and yet missable encounter if your attention is drawn elsewhere.

Kat has a phone. She uses it to talk to Kalila, an odd experience when they are stood next to one another. She passes us, and disappears across the field.

Billie and Henrik are an odd duo. They chase one another, until Henrik cannot run anymore. He recites her path, through stifled breaths. He is interrupted by a call, a call echoing throughout the piece. He pauses to reply, before continuing talking to us. Billie sits on a bench.

Every few moments, or maybe minutes this call echoes throughout the field. Like a bird call. It takes me a while to realise that it is the group, and not passers by. It is contagious, you just want to join in…to see what is feels like.

Our group:

Face the other way, wait. Hear a buzz, a whistle, and read the phone. It says look toward the fence. You look, and slowly figures begin to appear. The paths are not the same, they do not appear at the same time, they are not taken the same way. Hankerchiefs begin to wave, and they are waving toward you. Each individual reaches the group one by one, although some collide. They talk to you, give you a hankerchief with an instruction, then pass on by. Watching.

Respond to the group you saw with your duet partner.

Use the path through the garden as a visual path through your mind. Go through it several times for around five minutes. Notice the details. Pick out three landmarks, the places that stick in your mind, three places that are special to you. Name them. Choose three memories, ideas or thoughts that you never want to forget and place them in each of the spots.

Use the path as meditation. A brain training activity, away from technology and pen and paper.

“[…][W]e are so down to the earth pinning our minds to the concrete only to prison ourselves.”

Harriet Couzens

Contributions coming soon from JoJo, & Henrik

photo by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

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Contributions coming soon from Katharina, Chloe, & Gionna

photo by Ben Thompson

photo by Ben Thompson

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from Kalila:
We came with some material already prepared; 5 actions, a sound and exactly 60 words based on our place of solace. We performed our prepared material in trios, with some beautifully ephemeral creations that we couldn’t have recreated even if we had tried. We were each given a gift by Karen- mine was a leaf (in the veins was a diagram of the entire tree that it was born from). This meant that my partner for the work throughout the week was to be Billie, as she had also received a leaf. The two of us then collaborated in order to create an artistic response to what we had just seen, ours was largely based around the gallop of a horse and an admission of being unclean- “I forget to wash”.

Contributions coming soon from Ben & Billie

photo by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

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