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And when I go this will come with me. We will migrate together to our new home.
Kalila Storey

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17 words

I see the flower. I see last summer. I see my time at Dartington. An uncompleted experience.
Jessica Kipling

No single location, obsession or attachment, I am a different person, it does not pretend to illustrate.

Gionna Rose

My first attempt to organise and understand my learning at Dartington. A record of finding my feet.
Matthew Smallwood

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Check current directive.
I need your 17-word descriptions. I will post them as I receive them (internet connection willing).

I will write a message to the room.
Twelve Yellow House.
A floorboard.
A capsule.
A pine cone.
Sophie Griffiths

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Here is the link.

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Please see past directives page for June 1st and May 26th

for the assignment to respond to for the first day.

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Workshop schedule

These are the days and hours the workshop is scheduled to meet. I look forward to seeing all of you Wednesday May 26th at 10am in Studio 33.

Workshop sessions:
May 26, 27 & 28 from 10am to 3pm (with an hour for lunch)
weekend off
Independent research day: Monday May 31st
Workshop sessions:
June 1: 10am to 3pm (with an hour for lunch)
June 2: 10am to 5pm (with an hour for lunch)
June 3: 10am to 5pm (with an hour for lunch)
June 4: 10am to 1pm

see you soon,

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The next installment of the dove, the ghost, the handkerchief tree will take place beginning May 26th. Students will make work to mark the last days of the art college’s location on the Dartington estate, finding a way to communicate the experience of this moment.

This year the group will show their work as part of the year end degree show weekend and say good-bye to the garden along with many other artists who have made work here over the years.

photos by Benjamin Thompson

photo by Benjamin Thompson

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