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It’s a little like placing flowers on a grave. You’ve become a place full of ghosts. A place full of my ghosts. The leftover memories and remnants of a past life replaced by echoes. There’s a lot to be seen, said, felt, and touched. More than I can ever possibly explain. Being there helps other people just begin to comprehend what it was that we mourned with your loss, your transition to a new and different life, our migration to an equally different phase of existence. We all would have left you eventually, but we would have had the comfort of knowing that you were still there to cradle us. Perhaps you still are, in a way. I brought him to meet you so that he could feel a little of the magic that was always at your heart, so that he could understand and feel a little the part of my soul that you had shaped. He asked how you changed me, an impossible question, you changed everything. I hope that you continue to stir others, that you become for them a sacred place as you will always be to me.



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