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Meet with your dialogue research partner and perform the research (collect a dialogue).

Research assignment:
Collect a dialogue. This may be a conversation between two or more people. It should have five parts that is, five different speech responses (times someone speaks) (If it is between two people, A speaks three times and B speaks twice.) But it can be longer than that. Keep in mind the piece probably can’t hold a very long dialogue and there will be a few of them to choose from, we may use more than one.

With your partner(s) determine a criteria for your search either a method of searching or an area I which to search. Come up with a plan (a methodology). Then perform the research by going into the library or the field or wherever it is that your methodology takes you.

Please don’t spend more time on this than you can afford. Make sure that you enjoy the collection activity or at least the idea of it.

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